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Joy Jallah

Truly love your audio encouragement. Very enriching and empowering. You have such a pure heart and pure spirit in the things of God. So glad to be connected with you. God reward your faithfulness.



Chandler Knight

Just want to say bravo!!! Please keep being the wonderful positive person you are.


Tony Davis

An intimate look inside the heart of a woman that has seen a lot of life . I think this will truly help someone.


Sezoni Whitfield 

LaDonna, I've enjoyed all your Twitter and podcasts interviews. And I'm looking forward to learning more about Until Tomorrow Comes. You're an inspiration to all! xoxo!



BRIIANA lopez 

I love it a lot


John Andrew Wanat

Hello fellow writer. I really love your poetry. It's just wonderful. Your a very talented lady. -:) -:) -:)


Linda Smith 

Your book is Awesome. I am very proud of you and always remember to put God first. Your poetry is an inspiration to me because I know it comes from the Heart.


Bernadette Goethe 

You are such an inspiration and a beautiful soul! I pre ordered my book as you know and I can not wait to receive it!!!!



Sparkle, from SheWill 

Loving your work my beautiful sister and I'm hoping the interview will awaken a lot of female souls across the globe. God bless you.


Calvin s

Lovely site....keep up the good work.


Blue Personal Objects

Danica said 

Hi beautiful sister, I am proud to be visiting the site again today. Continue to walk in your journey knowing that everywhere you go, and whatever you touch you bring blessings :)


Nyteria Thomas was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you. The poems you shared at Tara's house were inspirational and inspiring. Until next time keep inspiring!!!


Julie Drake

Ms. LaDonna!!! Amazing poetry book. Some of those poem speaks of me and my emotions. If I can't put anything to words I just read back over a particular poem and it explains it all. I can't wait for your next book to come out!!! On a serious note~ I love how you stay true to who you are. You're always the same everyday I see you and I love that. I don't always see real people like that. Anyway, I appreciate you and I thank you for the book and also for being there :) You're awesome! Love ya. See ya around


Kristina Collins 

LaDonna, I am so proud of you and your many accomplishments. May God continue to bless you and your family beyond measure. Love you


nikki johnson-turley


Awesome book only read first few poems and already feel inspired and motivated to get back in the game of setting goals and making dreams come true , not to mention I love poetry so thirst quenching !


Nicole Catchings(Danielle's Mommy)

Just wanted to drop in to let you know I passed thru. You are truly inspiration for those of us who are waiting for our chance to explode in the wonderful world of poetry. Writing is something I have been wanting to do since I was a little girl. Just like hair and motherhood its simply something God created me to do. Thats how I know my time is coming. Thanks do much for your words of encouragement n please keep up the good work. Nikki


Bryant Spiller 

Proud of ya...Even tho we really don't know each other, but I know all of your people....You come from a great family so you can't help but to be great...I'm here to support!


Latisha Green 

LaDonna, I am extremely proud of you! You are an awesome inspiration. The ability to be an amazing Mother and pursue all of your personal ambitions is the epitome of success! Thanks for continuing to inspire others!


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