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International Award winning Author| Pastor| Speaker| Coach| Host

 Hailed by American and European literary review experts as one the greatest up and coming act provoking writers, is LaDonna Marie. The literary artist is an award-winning, international and best-selling author. She also is a motivational speaker and founder of Planting Positive Seeds.    Having earned some of the industry's most glowing reviews, the critically acclaimed writer will be the first to tell you that she traveled a long way to the remarkable destination she now enjoys.   LaDonna published her first poem in an anthology, "Whispers with The League of American Poets," in 2007, and went on to self-publish her freshman book, "Expressions of the Mind, Body & Soul," three years later. Without any effort on her part, she was recognized and received a Certificate of Congratulations from Congressman Bennie Thompson, 2nd district of Mississippi. 


There's nothing minimalist about her accomplishments which include wide-ranging collaborations and associations ranging from a U. S. Representative, to Australia, London, South Africa, and Italy hosts.    In addition to her extraordinary and unprecedented impact upon the literary industry, she's also a vibrant keynote and motivational speaker for several youth groups. LaDonna has a penchant for inspiring entrepreneurs, children, artists, writers and politicians, alike. 


The world-renowned writer can be inspirational and melancholy. At one moment she's vulnerable; the next, she's conveying a display of empowerment. Her astonishing talent and proverbial delivery paints portraits in vivid detail for secular and spiritual audiences alike.   LaDonna Marie says that "Becoming a writer and my love for words are my passions and greatest gifts from God.  They fan help me maintain a humble spirit."   She loves creating an atmosphere for learning and growth. She's often quoted by a variety of publications such as The Glory Journal, ASU Alumni Magazine, and Sibella Poetry Magazine. 

Her book titles such as, "Until Tomorrow Comes," "Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored 2014," and "Quiet Moments with God," and have all yielded worldwide attention.  She is the recipient of more than a dozen awards including a 2012, Humanitarian Award, and the 2014 DJ Gatsby Book Club Literary Award in Poetry.    LaDonna Marie received her B. A., in Social Work from Alcorn State University in 2005. She earned a M. S., in Counseling Studies from Capella University; and a M. A., from South University in Professional Counseling, respectively. In addition to consulting, Marie delivers keynotes, trainings, writer insights, networking and strategy sessions.  Her book titles are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. "Until Tomorrow Comes" received a Five Star Literary Book Review from Readers' Favorite, and a Four Star Professional Literary Book award from Red City Review.  She now makes her home in Mississippi with her two wonderful children Landon and Lathan Cook. For additional information including features on the author, visit 


Available for 

Radio and Blog Talk Interviews

Seminars & Workshops

Speaking Engagements 



Awards and Nominations 

2012 Inducted in to the Who's Who in MS 

2012 Humanitarian Award 

2014 Until Tomorrow Comes  Honorable Mention in the Paris Book Festival 
2014 DJ Gatsby Book Club Literary Award Winner in Poetry.  
2015 Finalist in Divas of Colour International Diva Author/Writer Category.
2015 Finalist in the 9th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards 
2015 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention 
2015 Bronze Readers' Favorite Medal Winner
2015 Red City Review Finalist
2015 New England Book Festival  Honorable Mention

2016 Rhythm of Gospel 4 Time Nominated Album

2016 Nomination for Outstanding Diva 
2016 Indie Author Legacy Award Finalist

2016 New England  Book Festival Honorable Mention

2016 Nominee for Grind Face Awards for Philanthropist

2017 Indie Author Legacy Award Poet of the Year Finalist  

2017 Red City Review Book Awards Best Social Media Winner

2017 Book Excellence Awards Finalist

2017 John E Weaver Book Excellence Award Winner 

2017 Beverly Hills Book Award Finalist 

2018 International Author of the Year  Divas of Colour 

2019 Mississippi Success Honoree 

2019 Top 25 Women Changing the World Conversations Live

2019 MHN Woman of the Year Nominee 

2019 Faith Based Speaker Nominee Speaker Con 

2020 Top 50 Black Women in Mississippi

2020 To 30 Makers and Shakers in K.I.S.H magazine 

2020  National  Top Influencer at Success Women's Conference 

2020 Top 10 Women of the Year K.I.S.H. Magazine 

2021 Top 20 National Authors of the Year

2021 Honorable Ambassador 

2021 Top Nonprofit in MS

2021 Top 24 Trailblazers  on the Move

2021 Top Global Influencers 

2022 Top 15 Women Standing on God's Promise 

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